Our Approach

Our professional approach

Our recruitment methods take in not only our own experience and research but also information shared with us by IRC Global Executive Search Partners thereby giving us significant world-wide reach and scope.

The competitive advantage that we offer our clients lies in the personalised contact and attention to detail. We engage proactive research and access our powerful  information network.

We invest time in understanding the essential requirements of the role and the organisational culture. Simply: what is the candidate expected to bring to the requirement and what type of personality will fit.

From this we develop the ideal candidate specification and agree with the client the key assessment criteria underpinning the role.

The search for talent is not a simple procedural exercise; it is a careful analysis to which is added a strong dose of intuition - the fruit of years of experience.

Our method of working ensures a clear understanding of each project, speed and efficiency in executing the tasks and delivery of the expected quality.

The whole process is carefully planned, thus enabling the defined objective to be achieved within the established timeframe, seeking and attracting the best talent.

Search based on thorough and structured research 

Using direct sourcing ('hunting') and in-depth interviews with industry insiders and specialists, we can identify candidates' key skills and then cross-match and test them against the client's declared needs and ambitions.

At IRC UK, our painstaking professionalism is a reflection of our own business backgrounds and personal industry experience. 

This gives us clear and focused insights into the challenges facing our client companies.